BAL : Popping Boba & Popping Life

About Us


BAL is a new brand under the well-known Taiwanese food company BlackBall. BlackBall is a leader in high-quality desserts and bubble milk tea in Taiwan, having evolved from a street-side store 20 years ago to a modern central factory that supplies high-quality products to over 13,000 supermarkets and retail stores throughout Taiwan.

With over 100 stores worldwide in countries such as Canada, Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore, BlackBall spreads the delicious taste of Taiwan around the world.

BAL produces a variety of popping boba, fruit and tea dry toppings, including a series of uniquely Taiwanese popping boba products made using molecular gastronomy techniques to present a wide range of fruit and food flavors in innovative ways.

In 2023, BAL is breaking new ground globally by injecting classic spirits and delicious cocktails into its popping boba, allowing the heavenly nectar to burst with a sexy and enticing taste in one's mouth, revealing a vibrant array of colors.